Max Hey Medal 2021


I am delighted and honoured to be the recipient of the 2021 Max Hey Medal by the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The medal is awarded: “To recognize existing and on-going research of excellence in the fields of mineralogy, crystallography, petrology and geochemistry by an early career researcher, evidence of which is provided in the form of work published in highly-regarded, international scientific journals”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my nominators and supervisors (BSc, MSc, PhD and Postdoc), and collaborators in the UK and abroad for their continued support and mentorship over the years.

Just for fun, I added a small gallery below with some thin section photomicrographs of my favorite rocks: eudialyte nepheline syenites from the Ilímaussaq complex in Greenland. Swipe the divider left and right to see images in plane or polarized light. Hope you enjoy.

Beautifully sector zoned eudialyte crystal, nepheline, albite clusters, aegirine (green), arfvedsonite (black to dark green) in a white kakortokite (Borst et al. 2018)

Eudialyte nepheline syenite (white kakortokite) with big feldspar perthites, euhedral pseudomorphs after eudialyte, containing catapleiite (Na-Ca-zirconosilicate with high birefringence colours), aegirine, analcime and various REE-minerals, interstitial arfvedsonite (Na-amphibole), nepheline, sodalite (bottom right, isotropic) and fluorite (top left between amphibole and eudialyte pseudomorphs). Note full replacement of eudialyte crystals (Borst et al., 2016)

Eudialyte nepheline syenite (Transitional kakortokite) from Ilímaussaq, Greenland, under plane polarised light (PPL – left) and cross polarised light (XPL – right). Aegirine in green, eudialyte in white-brown/grey, interstitial nepheline and sodalite (isotropic).

Eudialyte nepheline syenite (red kakortokite) from Ilímaussaq, Greenland, under plane polarised light (PPL – left) and cross polarised light (XPL – right). Cumulate of euhedral eudialyte crystals (white-brown/grey, sector zoned), brown-red aenigmatite (Na-Fe-Ti-silicate) overgrown and partially replaced by aegirine (green, high order interference colours), twinned alkali feldspar laths, interstitial nepheline and sodalite.

Aegirine Lujavrite from Ilímaussaq. Fine grained aegirine (green) defining a strong foliation fabric, wrapped around phenocrysts of nepheline and eudialyte. Oikocrystic (black) interstitial to the fabric and enclosing aegirines.

Same Aegirine Lujavrite sample as above but with large oikocryst of arfvedsonite, overgrowing the foliation fabric defined by microscopic inclusions of aegirine and larger euhedral feldspar and nepheline (replaced by various zeolites).


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