Research Group

For more info on the research activities and analytical facilities at KU Leuven and the RMCA, check out the Ore Geology and Geofluids Research Group page, or the Geodynamics and Mineral Resources Research Group – Royal Museum for Central Africa.

Current Students

Lee Fred Kezimana – PhD Student on the GeoRes4Dev project, University of Burundi, Bujumbura

Christian Kalikone – PhD Student on the GeoRes4Dev project, Official University of Bukavu, DRC

Dr Maideyi Lydia Meck – Visiting Postdoc – KU Leuven/University of Zimbabwe, Harare. 2022

Lydia visiting Dinant, Belgium

She is visiting KU Leuven for 3 months on a Global Minds grant for a Short postdoctoral research stay to continue her research on carbonatite-hosted phosphate deposits from Zimbabwe. During Lydia’s research visit she will further characterize the rocks and waste from the Dorowa alkaline carbonatite complex in Zimbabwe, using techniques available at the Geology department of KU Leuven.

Maideyi (she also goes by Lydia) is a lecturer in geology at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare. She completed her PhD at the University of Botswana on the geology and environmental chemistry of the Dorowa alkaline complex and the consequences of mining phosphates, in Zimbabwe.

Jolan Acke – PhD student – KU Leuven/ Royal Museum for Central Africa. 2022-2025

Jolan is studying the granite-hosted Musha-Ntunga pegmatite system in eastern Rwanda, which are exploited for Nb, Ta, Sn, and W. The Musha-Ntunga system offers a rare opportunity to study a complete mineralogical zonation pattern ranging from proximal lithium-bearing pegmatites and Nb-Ta-Sn mineralised pegmatites to distal W quartz veins.

Jolan will combine detailed geochemical and mineralogical analyses to document transitions between different mineralisation types and to gain new insights in the magmatic-hydrothermal transition as well as the key controls on emplacement, enrichment and distribution of metals.

Funding: Anouk Borst FEDTWIN starting grant & KU Leuven BOFZAP


Jourdain MqIlquhamUniversity of St Andrews. 2020-2021

Jourdain carried out a BSc dissertation project on multispectral analyses of geological units near the Chang-E lunar landing sites, in collaboration with me, Dr Elyse Allender and Prof Bernard Foing at ESA ESTEC, The Netherlands. Jourdain presented his work at EGU 2021: Mcilquham, J., Borst, A. M., Allender, E. J., and Foing, B.: Geological context of recent Lunar landing sites using Multispectral analysis. EGU General Assembly 2021

Douglas BolerUniversity of St Andrews. 2020-2021

Douglas wrote his BSc Geology Honours Research Dissertation on the coordination of REE in eudialyte alteration products using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy data (XANES and EXAFS).

Lucy MathiesonUniversity of St Andrews. 2020-2021

Lucy was a research assistant within the A-team working on various projects and carried out fieldwork in Greenland as a MGeol student. For her final MGeol dissertation she studied the Hf isotopic record of the Gardar Alkaline province in Greenland, analysing temporal and spatial variations in the Hf isotopic signatures of the mantle sources for the Gardar magmas

Lucy recently started a PhD with Chris Kirkland at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

Clara Onken University of St Andrews, 2019

Clara wrote her MSc dissertation on the mineralogy and mineral chemistry of lujavrites – a peculiar type of foliated eudialyte nepheline syenite, rich in either aegirine or arfvedsonite. Clara compared lujavrites from classic localities at Illimaussaq and Motzfeldt, in Greenland, to aegirine eudialyte lujavrites from Pocos de Caldas, Brazil. Using petrography, XRF and SEM work, she compared the mineralogy, whole rock geochemistry, and explored the economic potential for the Brazillian lujavrites.

Clara is now a PhD student at ETH Zurich.

Mathijs van de Ven VU Amsterdam/University of St Andrews. 2018-2019

Mathijs VAN DE VEN | Resource Consultant | Master of Science

Mathijs wrote his MSc dissertation (VU Amsterdam) with me on the alteration process of eudialyte in the Ilimaussaq complex, Greenland. He quantified elemental loss and gain during the late-magmatic pseudomorphic replacement of eudialyte crystals and measured Nd isotopes to study fluid sources and REE fractionation. His results were published in Minerals in 2019.

Mathijs now works as a Resource Consultant at RSC Mining & Mineral Exploration in New Zealand.

Funding: SoSRARE consortium


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